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Dane Jensen – Pressure is Your Superpower

Can pressure be your superpower? Can it be the wind at your back instead of a suffocating weight on your shoulders?

Dane Jensen on the Chatter That Matters podcast

My guest today is Dane Jensen, the CEO of Third Factor, an acclaimed speaker, an instructor at Queen’s University and the University of North Carolina, a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and author of The Power of Pressure.

Dane has an incredible way with words.

He talks about what he learned about pressure from discussions with Olympic athletes, Navy Seals, overworked managers, and busy parents. Dane also shares the physiological responses to pressure, how it’s an essential input into high performance, and how you can use this emotionally charged state to your advantage by knowing the patterns.

Learn about Dane’s pressure equation - importance, uncertainty, and volume and how it can add up to your advantage.

Lisa Melo, VP of Learning and Performance at RBC, then joins the show to talk about why skills are the new currency, why training must be put within arm’s reach of desire, and how gamification, AR, and VR are creating new growth opportunities.


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