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Rick Campanelli + Erica Ehm - Much about Much Music

Rick Campbell and Erica Ehm on Chatter That Matters

Dance back in time to 1984. It's a pivotal year in the history of Canadian television — it's the year Much Music was born.

Tony Chapman dives into its fascinating history with two of its beloved VJs: Erica Ehm and Rick Campanelli.

One of the first Canadian specialty channels, this groundbreaking channel emerged from the vision of two trailblazing individuals, Moses Znaimer and John Martin. Against all odds, with limited resources but boundless creativity, they managed to create a cultural phenomenon that captured Canadians' hearts and took on the mighty MTV.

Tony Chapman returns to 299 Queen Street West, where it all came together, to sit down with two of Much Music's iconic VJs, Erica Ehm and Rick Campanelli.

Erica takes listeners on a nostalgic journey as she recounts the early days, what it was like to interview legendary figures such as Kurt Cobain, and how what she learned there enabled her to become a successful entrepreneur.
Meanwhile, Rick shares his remarkable journey of securing his dream job through a contest and turning that win into his phenomenal broadcasting career.

Together, Erica and Rick transport us back to an era when Canadian content reigned supreme, and Much Music was at the forefront of this cultural revolution.

Discover the untold stories, challenges, and sheer passion that fuelled this channel's meteoric rise. Don't miss this captivating episode that delves into the birth of a Canadian cultural institution that left an indelible mark on music and television. A moment in time that will stand the test of time.

Alan Depencier, the CMO of RBC, joins the show and puts on a master class on what it takes to create content that engages your audience, in an era of infinite choice.


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