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Command Matters to Dimple Mukherjee

Incredible takeaways for all, as we all have self-doubt.

In my Chatter that Matters podcast, I ask people whom I admire to tell me one word that matters most, and why. What word would you choose?

We then talk about how this word influences choices, the paths you pursue, and who you are and why you matter. We garner Life Lessons that we can all apply to help us get to where we need and want to go.

In this episode, I chat with Dimple Mukherjee, an Occupational Therapist focusing on positive psychology. Dimple told me her word was 'command' my biases swept me into positions of control - a conductor of an orchestra, a military general. I couldn't be further from the truth.

Dimple shares her story and why her word Command is about commanding who she is, erasing her self-doubts, and identifying why she matters to her children, to her friends and family, and to her clients. And as you will hear her radiant smile.


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