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Anthony Lacavera - The Wind Matters

In this episode of Chatter That Matters, hear why Anthony Lacavera never felt comfortable putting his career in someone else's hands, how and why he is obsessed with offering his customers value, and what he believes is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It's an incredible success story that begins with Anthony taking out a $25,000 small business loan from RBC and parlaying it with his intellectual and emotional capital into a billion-dollar enterprise, including Wind Mobile. Georgia Balinksy returns to the show to put on a master class on what a brand is and how to make yours matter. She cites IBM and how they use their brand platform to create a conversation with their stakeholders. She then talks about the magic of ideas and why creativity is your superpower for harnessing the future. Reasons to Listen: Powerful insights for entrepreneurs and all who have that ambition, and how to create a magnetic brand that attracts and sparks conversation.

Great advice if you are a University Student starting a career or looking to make a career move, including overcoming roadblocks. What Canada must do for us to become number one to go for the gold. It's also an incredible true story of a small business owner who fought Goliaths on his and the consumers' terms.


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