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Voglia Matters to Anthony Longo

In this episode, I chat with Anthony Longo, the CEO of Longo's, one of the most exciting food retailers on the planet. Longo's is a family business that treats everyone - their customers, employees, and vendors, like family.

Anthony talks about the Italian word VOGLIA. In English, it means to crave or desire, an appropriate word for a food impresario and a fantastic word to describe anyone with a curious mind who spends their life inquiring and discovering to innovate and improve.

It’s a wonderful tale that begins with Antonio Longo coming to Canada in the ’50s, with six children and spending each day scarring his lungs and arms in a foundry to provide, and only agreeing to quit when his children started their own business. It continues with the next three generations building on his dream.

It’s packed with life lessons to help you get to where you need and deserve to go.

How to picture your customer in a way where you can look into their life, what matters most, so that you can serve them better.

Why values and humility are the lifeblood of leadership.

What COVID taught Anthony Longo and his team about culture, resiliency and what will change in how they manage going forward.

And then Anthony unpacks some powerful ideas on what Canada can do to grow our agricultural sector. From Farm to Plate he shares his thoughts on why food means the world to each of us, and to all of us.


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