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Vasek Pospisil - Winning on and off the Court

What does it take to win on the court? Preparation, Perseverance and Perspiration. What does it take to win off the court? Curiosity, Compassion, Charisma, and Connections.

In 1988, Milos, Mila Pospisil, and their two sons unlawfully drove from Czechoslovakia to Austria to escape the Communist regime. The family worked long hours at low wages to save money to move to Canada. Here, Vasek Pospisil was born. If you enjoyed the movie King Richard, where Richard Williams is determined to see his two daughters, Venus and Serena, make history, this story has many parallels. Vasek started his tennis career at age three as a ball boy as his father coached his older brothers in tennis, but he was winning international tournaments by age six.

Vasek's rise to the top tennis ranks would take years, with many setbacks, but always with the support of his parents. Vasek learns how to compete against the likes of Federer and Djokovic. Even career-threatening injuries Vasek sees as opportunities to grow individually and to support other tennis players. In 2020 Vasek teamed up with Novak Djokovic to form a grassroots movement that would protect player interests. That movement would become the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA).

One of the great takeaways for the listener is Vasek's approach to life. First and foremost a tennis champion, but Vasek is also an astute investor and entrepreneur with a circle of friends that includes people like Richard Branson. And what did Team Canada accomplish in 2022 that no other country has ever done? After winning the ATP Cup to start the year, Canada closed it with its first-ever Davis Cup title. Game, Serve and Match.


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