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Tim Stewart – He Changes His World and Others for the Better

After conquering his addictions, Tim Stewart changes his world and others for the better.

Tim Stewart’s substance abuse began at an early age. Growing up on his family’s farm, which included a bar and a hotel of dubious repute, Tim abided by the family code that put work ahead of everything, including play and education. Tim's influencers were adults who introduced him to tobacco, alcohol, pot, and prostitution.

Over time, the drugs and alcohol consumed his life, and Tim enlisted in the Air Force to escape. The discipline he learned on the farm and in the military, combined with his gift for the gab, enabled him to be a functional addict until harder and harder drugs took over his life. Tim went into rehab eleven times to break his substance abuse, only to fail himself and his family.

At age 40, Tim's world collapsed. Homeless, with two pairs of pants, two shirts, and eight dollars in his pocket, Tim Stewart found himself on a bus to St Louis. The trip changed his life and his calling. Instead of depending on drugs, he found and chose a path where those in need could depend on him.

Today, his speaking handle is “TalkMan Talk.” As a life coach, Tim Stewart shares what it meant to live on the street and the 12 principles that saved his life. In doing so, he hopes to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Some fantastic life lessons on overcoming circumstances and transforming life, even substance abuse, by finding a higher purpose.

Mark Beckles, Vice President, Social Impact and Innovation at RBC, returns to the show to talk about the role organizations can play in helping people find or reclaim a purposeful path in life.

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