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Bryan Baeumler - The Journey Matters

Listen as Bryan Baeumler talks about how to find your authentic self, create a personal brand, and be paid well for the opportunities you invest in.

This week I had an opportunity to interview one of television's biggest stars, Bryan Baeumler in front of a live audience. We were both there to celebrate the launch of The Founders Journey, a free online, eight-module course to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality.

Bryan shares many funny stories combined with powerful insights and advice from his incredible journey from hammering nails to hammering out international television deals. We talk about how he and his wife Sarah manage to do it all. They have four children, create compelling television, and have 17 businesses, including a resort on the Island.

Bryan's steps to success include:

1. Recognizing your value

2. Say what you mean, do what you say.

3. Do the research

4. Build at the right pace.

5. Stay focused.

6. Understand your future customer and employee.

All aspiring entrepreneurs, or those wanting to grow their business I encourage you to check out The Founders Journey.


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