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Steve Paikin – What’s on his Agenda?

A sold-out event at the Toronto Hunt Club, ending with a loud and sustained standing ovation for my guest Steve Paikin, the anchor of the flagship current affairs program, The Agenda. I was so happy with my interview that I brought it to the radio and here.

Steve Paikin is a recipient of the Order of Canada, an author, a documentary producer, and one of Canada’s most admired journalists. We cover so much ground and with so much laughter. We learn about Steve’s upbringing, the values he learned from his parents and mentors, and what led him to journalism.

I found Steve fearless but surprisingly modest and humble for someone who has accomplished so much. Steve shares several behind-the-scenes stories, including his interview with Mikhail Gorbachev, the eighth and final leader of the Soviet Union. That alone is worth your time. And wait for you to hear what guest ripped his microphone off and walked off the set while the cameras were still running.

Steve and I discuss the State of Media and whether Democracy can survive the divide-to-conquer mentality seeping into politics and the media. Steve's answer. It has to. Steve then shares how and why Democracy matters.

We then discuss Steve's new book John Turner, an intimate biography of Canada's 17th Prime Minister, and Steve's award-winning documentary - Return to the Warsaw Ghetto.

I invite Tanis Feasby, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at RBC, to join the show. I asked Tanis the same question I asked Steve Paikin - what must we do to preserve the truth and democracy? Tanis shares her thoughts and talks about the role Leaders of organizations must play to contribute to this narrative.

Put this show on your agenda!


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