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Speaker Review / Neighbourhood Pharmacies

"Neighbourhood Pharmacies has enlisted Tony Chapman to facilitate our conferences in recent years – conferences attended by thought leaders in the pharmacy industry, who travel from across Canada to attend our events. Since we know the bar is set very high and the expectation is that our Association will deliver an exceptional event, we need a facilitator we can rely upon to really impress our guests and bring information to life.

Tony keeps the energy level high (there’s already so much buzz around our networking and information sessions!), and knows how to converse with an audience of experts and executives. We have relied upon Tony on more than one occasion and predictably receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from our conference attendees that he’s unquestionably among the best in the business. Thank you, Tony, for the thought-provoking and highly perceptive insights you deliver to really keep the audience curious and captivated."

Sandra Hanna Chief Executive Officer Neighbourhood Pharmacies


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