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Speaker Review / Doxim

"In June of 2020, we moved our annual live Retreat for 100 of Canada's top Tech CEOs online - to become the Peerscale Annual Summit. It was imperative that the show must go on! It was our first online virtual summit and we wanted to ensure that the event was well executed, professionally run and really represented the brand of Peerscale well for our members.

We scoured the land for someone to take on the role of Host for our inaugural online summit. After careful diligence, we selected Tony Chapman for the role of our Peerscale Online Summit Host.

Tony did an amazing job as the overall conference host for this 3-day event - bridging the various sessions, stitching the thread of the theme for the event together in a wonderful, fun and exciting way that really resonated well with our professional members and audience.

Tony was the glue that held the event together over 3 exciting days. It was a great experience for the team producing the event and we are thrilled with the results and feedback we received from our members, sponsors and community following the event. I would strongly recommend Tony for your online event! Tony is a true professional, you won't be disappointed."

Chris Rasmussen Founder & Chairman Doxim


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