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The Baeumlers & Adam Evans - Cyber Awareness Matters

Joining me today are HGTV television superstars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler with Adam Evans, Vice President of Cyber Operations at RBC. The show is dedicated to cyber-awareness and what it takes to be aware and resilient online.

Here is the harsh reality. It's not a matter of if you will experience a cyber attack; it's a matter of when. This includes people like the Baeumlers who are parents of four children, have aging parents, have their own identities, and are successful small business owners. Like you and me, they are targets.

Adam Evans is the Vice-President of Cyber-Operations, Chief Information Security Officer of RBC, and a thought leader in this offers his thoughts and what RBC is doing to provide support through

Cybercrime barely existed a decade ago, and by 2025 it is projected to be $10 trillion, more significant than all other crimes combined. The criminals are organized; they share data and strategies. This week, we will examine how cyber security can be compromised and why cyber awareness matters.


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