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Riding Matters to Laura Hearn

Riding a horse is where Laura Hearn found peace and happiness from a world that denied her both.

Laura was bullied at school, was alone more than with friends, became devasted by her parent's divorce, desperately sought her Fathers' attention that was waning after he remarried.

What began as an episode of throwing up some bad food at an all-you-can-eat buffet evolved into a twenty-year eating order that almost consumed her life. Laura did everything she could to hide her illness, first with her University friends and then living two lives in London. The first was building a successful career at the BBC as a journalist and producer, and the second was being and feeling lost without friends or her mother close by.

One day Laura was too weak to pull herself up on her horse. She had tried counselling before, but none had worked.

This story is played too often within real lives, but this one has a happy ending made possible by her Mom selling all she had to send Laura to California to a place where she could begin to reclaim her life.

Laura's Mom, Lynda, joins us on the show to give us the parents' perspective of when your child spirals into darkness, doing whatever a parent can help bring light, and constantly living with the fear of what the next day might bring.

Bring your tears but turn them into tears of joy as they openly share their ride from the darkest dark to the lightest light.


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