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Orlando Bowen - Gamechanger

What would you do if you were Orlando Bowen?

Orlando was a professional CFL football player whose career, and almost life ended by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Orlando was given a severe beating at the hands of bad cops. Instead of seeing himself as the victim, or becoming obsessed with revenge and redemption, Orlando used his experience to further his quest to empower the youth and to bridge the divides that divide society.

In this podcast, we first cover the backstory of Orlando Bowen, and how his life had everything he desired. A wife, child and one on the way, a contract extension with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and a life where his spare time was spent doing community service.

All of this changed, and instantly when Orlando Bowen was severely beaten by two corrupt police officers. What Orlando does after his horrific experience is remarkable.

This podcast will leave you inspired and with valuable lessons in life.

Gopal Bansal from RBC joins me at the end of the program to offer his ideas on how we can open our minds to more diversity and inclusion.


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