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Offence Matters to Jon Love

Jon Love is one of the world's most successful and respected builders and leaders. Jon offers several 'drop the mic' insights and ideas in this podcast. (Bring a pen and paper)

Jon chooses the word OFFENSE, as his word that matters and shares how we can all apply this mindset to counter the relentless storm of negativity.

Jon shares early memories of his father and why relationships breathe life into purpose, pursuit and humanity.

Jon offers his thoughts on how not to follow in the footsteps of a successful parent. He talks about why there is no such thing as a family business.

Why Jon went dark for 90 days, with no electronics, as his transition strategy, to create a one-page plan to build KingSett Capital, which today is Canada's leading private equity real estate business.

Why Jon's desired legacy at KingSett Capital is not to be revered but to be forgotten and his plans to transition to a new phase in life.

Jon shares some of his leadership lessons, for example, becoming better and better at doing less and less.

And then Jon drops the mic by offering you three non-partisan pillars for Canada to build our future on, close the widening gaps in society, and have a purposeful role on Planet Earth.


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