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My Journey - Three Important Lessons

Unlocking Success

Tony Chapman on Chatter That Matters

In this six-minute podcast, I unpack the three most important lessons I learned on my journey. These lessons made me a better leader, entrepreneur, marketer, and, I hope, a better person. They should apply to you and extend beyond your career to all who matter to you.

My three lessons:

1)Attention is the oxygen of any endeavour. 

I talk about why so many great ideas and initiatives are starving for attention.

2)Insights matter more than ideas.

I share three award winning case studies to prove why insights matter more than ideas.

3)Head, Heart and Hands.

I talk about why less is more, and how a great insight and idea can be communicated in a single page, if not a single line.

They are simple in principle, effortless to learn and apply, but so robust in helping you on your journey through life.

And speaking of mattering, what lessons have you learned that mattered most to you?


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