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Movements Matters to Esie Mensah

Feel Good Friday.

Esie Mensah is my guest this week on Chatter that Matters. Her art, her attitude, her approach to life and her ability to tell stories are truly extraordinary. Esie's passion is dance, but she was often turned down because she was too black, even compared to other dancers of colour. She chose to become too good to turn down. This confidence and commitment to her capabilities led her to develop her own dance style - Afro-Fusion which caught the attention and then collaboration with artists like Drake, Rihanna and Arcade Fire, and major brands and art festivals.

Esie Mensah then went from collaboration to her own content creation and in doing so realized that she had an ability to not only move audiences but to move society.

Esie Mensah is an award-winning, multifaceted and extraordinary artist, and one who proves that ordinary can become extraordinary by following their dreams and passions.

A powerful and inspirational story.

Stephanie Lupinacci from RBC joins the show to talk about what they are doing to help emerging artists find the audience they deserve.


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