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Lindsay Ireland – Why Not Me?

Would you remain optimistic if cards are rarely dealt in your favour?

Lindsay Ireland on the Chatter That Matters podcast

Lindsay Ireland spent idyllic childhood summers in Vermont, riding horses, playing detective with her cousin, and living with her famous aunt and uncle, Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson, the action star of his day.

Lindsay's world changed at age eleven when she noticed blood in her stool. At first, hiding it from her parents, she found herself confined to a sterile hospital room, feeling invisible, but with severe ulcerative colitis.

Lindsay had to undergo life-saving ostomy surgery. She had five more surgeries, including a final operation in her late 20s that made the ostomy permanent. Then, in her early 30's, she was diagnosed with a second autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and then years later, she was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.

Some people appear baffled when Lindsay Ireland says she is lucky. The reality is that she has refused to see herself as a victim.

In this candid interview, Lindsay shares her transformation from a girl grappling with autoimmune diseases to a resilient young woman. She courageously confronts the challenge of loving a body that has repeatedly let her down.

Despite the invisible nature of her illnesses, Lindsay perseveres, fighting to make herself seen and understood as a mother and wife.

Take advantage of this heartfelt episode as Lindsay's story unfolds, reminding us of the power of resilience and the importance of having people support you and help you on your quest.

Looking to read Lindsay's blog or to buy her book? Visit: Why Me?

Amy Deacon, the founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, once again joins the show to offer her brilliant insights into how we overcome circumstances to chase dreams and change our world and others for the better.


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