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Kindness Matters to Mohamad Fakih

Let your spirits soar with my chat with Mohamad Fakih, who sees humanity as a race to be cherished, versus tribes defined and often confined and contested by their ethnicity, religious beliefs, language, income or sexual preference.

When I told Mohamad that I was airing the radio show on Christmas Eve, he smiled and said, 'I love Christmas.' Mohamed has spent the last two weeks working tirelessly to raise money to ensure families have a turkey dinner. That's who he is. The disadvantaged deserve to be advantaged.

Mohamed was born in Lebanon and today is a Canadian citizen. Mohamad loves this country as much as anyone I have met in my travels. He is a gifted entrepreneur who founded the restaurant chain Paramount Fine Foods.

If embodied, the insights and lessons Mohamad offers would lift Canadian society. They could counter the negative energy of social media that herd people into camps and fortify walls made of biases and disbelief.

And Mohamad Fakih's spirit and enthusiasm, well, we all need a lift in a year where variants and viruses have once again diminished, even denying what we all need and deserve.


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