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Joe Gagliese – Influencing the World of Marketing

Joe Gagliese on Chatter That Matters

Joe Gagliese, the co-founder and CEO of Viral Nation, is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I have ever talked to.

He is innovative, insightful, informative and inspiring. He is a global disruptor in the world of marketing.

Joe Gagliese discusses how influencer marketing influences how we think, feel, and buy. Word-of-mouth endorsements, especially from friends, have always been the most potent path that started with engagement and often ended in a purchase. The challenge has always been scale. That is until influencer marketing arrived and where the influencer could instantly reach many, even millions of followers and friends.

Joe Gagliese was only 24 when he started Viral Nation and was laughed out of boardrooms for his radical approach. Today his agency has become renowned, working with the world’s biggest brands. Joe shares his journey and the insight and proprietary and patented technology that allowed Viral Nation to shatter the status quo by combining personality and persona with precise data.

Whether you wear the hat of a consumer, an entrepreneur, or a marketer, this episode will give you insights into the future of marketing and what it takes to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Joe is open and honest about work-life balance, why transparency and hard work is impossible to fault, how he manages his mental health and anxiety, and when it is time for a founder to turn over the reign.

As a parent, Joe will also give you vital information on the dangers of social media with children, and what he is doing to counter a world obsessed with screens. Joe Gagliese, a Canadian entrepreneur on a global mission to shift marketing from ‘mass to my.

Don Ludlow, Vice President of Small Business, Business Financial Services Strategy at RBC, joins the show to talk about the importance of innovative entrepreneurs like Joe Gagliese to power our economy in the future. He talks about why it takes several partners to support this vital sector today and why leading by example matters most.


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