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Jay DeMerit - Rise Up to Any Challenge

 From Undrafted Dreamer to Premier League Star: Jay DeMetit's Unforgettable Journey

Jay DeMerit on Chatter That Matters

In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Tony Chapman sits down with Jay DeMerit, a former professional soccer player known for his remarkable rise from an undrafted college player to the Premier League in England, and his participation in the World Cup for his country. Joined by the ever-inspiring Ted Lasso, this conversation dives deep into the mindset required to achieve success and the importance of never settling.

Jay DeMerit: From College to Premier League

Jay DeMerit’s story is nothing short of a Cinderella tale. Despite being undrafted, Jay's determination led him to play for Watford after impressing in a preseason friendly against a Premier League team. His perseverance and ability to leverage chaotic environments into leadership opportunities propelled him to play 30 games in his first season, a rare achievement for someone initially pegged as an apprentice.

"It’s important to live in the present and not in the future or the past," Jay emphasizes, highlighting his strategies to stay focused when facing intimidating opponents like Ronaldo and Messi.

Jay’s journey also saw him playing a pivotal role in Watford's promotion to the Premier League with a significant goal that brought both monetary benefits and pressure to the team.

Ted Lasso on Embracing Competition and Giving Back

Ted Lasso's contribution to this episode underscores the importance of a competitive mindset to achieve personal and professional growth. Emphasizing how his parents influenced his relentless pursuit of excellence, Lasso discusses how a "never-settle mentality" is crucial for success in sports and life.

“Be curious, not judgmental,” Ted Lasso quotes Walt Whitman, urging listeners to maintain an open and inquisitive mindset in their journeys.

Lasso also stresses the societal benefits of healthy competition and the importance of giving back to the community. He encourages individuals to find their purpose beyond their primary careers, drawing attention to initiative like the RBC Training Ground that supports Canadian athletes.

Living and Owning the Present Moment

Tony Chapman brings attention to the impact of social media on youth and the importance of understanding one's authentic self. Jay DeMerit closes the insightful conversation by sharing his key takeaways:

“Train in the dark and shine in the light,” he advises, emphasizing the importance of continuous self-improvement behind the scenes.

Jay also discusses the app Rise and Shine, an innovative platform aimed at fostering mental health and personal growth among youth through interactive and rewarding experiences.

Join us as Jay DeMerit and Ted Lasso share their invaluable insights on chasing dreams, overcoming adversity, and living in the present.


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