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It's Not What Happens to You, It's What You Do About It

What if what happens to you changes your life for the worse, twice, and forever?

At age 27, Mitchell, a former US Marine, has a great job in San Francisco, achieved his first solo flight as part of his pilot training and is heading back home on his brand new motorcycle.

Tragedy strikes when a truck sideswipes Mitchell, turning into a horrific accident where his gas tank explodes. Mitchell describes it as being a human bonfire and wakes up in the hospital badly burned, face permanently, disfigured, with stumps for fingers. After a long and painful road back, Mitchell becomes a successful entrepreneur and achieves his commercial pilot license. One morning, the unfairness of circumstance occurs when Mitchell is in a plane crash and loses his legs' use—forced into a wheelchair that he calls his prison.

Mitchell's story is one of purpose and pursuit and not pity and of making choices. Mitchell, undefeated by his tragedies will inspire you with his remarkable achievements including being a successful entrepreneur, a Mayor, running for Congress, and in the Hall of Fame for Motivational Speakers. Mitchell shares his thoughts on how and what we can do, to battle the circumstances of life. What you focus on in life is what you get back. What you concentrate on is who you will become.

Amy Deacon, Clinical Social Worker, joins the show to discuss choice and why some succumb to painful circumstances, while others turn their pain into purpose.


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