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Sarah Stein Greenberg - Ideas Matter

Stanford d.School's Executive Director Sarah Stein Greenberg talks about design, meaning and change. She shares her insight on how to improve creative problem-solving.

I wish I had a magic wand and could cast a spell so that everyone listens to what Sarah Stein Greenberg offers in this interview. There is so much packed into forty minutes that I encourage you to listen with a pen and some paper. You will be a better parent, friend, innovator, marketer, problem solver, entrepreneur, and leader for it.

The essence is that we must all become better, faster and more efficient at approaching and solving problems in our lives, careers, communities and on our planet.

The essential question is whether we are willing and capable of learning a new way to learn.

Sarah knows that we are. She is the Executive Director of the Stanford Universities D. School. Sarah leads a community of designers, faculty, and other innovative thinkers. She has also written a masterful book titled Creative Acts for Curious to think, create and lead in unconventional ways.

This episode is for you, no matter who you are or what you do.

As a bonus (tying in with the theme), I invite Georgia Balinksy, the Senior Director of Brand Strategy for RBC back to the show. She talks about why ideas matter and their new branding platform, Ideas Happen Here.


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