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Dwayne Matthews - Education Matters

Dwayne Matthews shares his mission to revamp global education to better serve children who are growing up during a novel era of social and digital revolution.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change your country, to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Are we preparing our children for the future of work, where they compete for jobs in the clouds and must march in step with rapidly changing technology? Does school inspire and motivate them and create a lifetime appetite for learning and improving.

Who is the main beneficiary of our educational dollars? Are we pouring too much money into the bureaucracy, and not enough into the classrooms? Do the taxpayers and parents hold the keys to change or the unions? Does the role of the teacher, and how we teach have to change? I don't have the answers, but my guest does.

Dwayne Matthews is a renaissance thinker, innovation evangelist, and bold education strategist. Dwayne has addressed the United Nations, Conference Board, the Prime Minister of Canada, School Boards, and Parents with his brilliant ideas and powerful plans for revamping education. He shares them here alongside a life story that gave him his insights and his passion.

You will learn why Dwayne believes in asynchronous learning and more personalized education. The need to rapidly adopt new technologies, to transform the role of the teacher from educator to facilitator.

Dwayne asks important questions. Will someone be better served with a Google Certificate or a University Education? Is Micro-Learning better than a master’ Degree?

Dwayne Matthews even has an idea on how to win over bureaucrats' and unions' resistance to change by rapid testing new models and winning over parents. As Dwayne explains:

"When four-year-olds can navigate a technology device faster than adults, the role of the educator has to change."

As a bonus, Christina Cleveland, Senior Director, Learning & Performance, Strategy, and Innovation at RBC, joins CTM to talk about how progressive organizations are revamping how they engage and train, based on new technologies, microlearning, work-life balance and the future of work.


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