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Dr. Georgette Zinaty - Why Not You

Dr. Georgette Zinaty on Chatter That Matters

What does it take to be exceptional? Why haven't we closed the gap if diversity has proven to create a more robust and resilient culture and greater profitability? Does that mean others must stand down if you stand for diversity and inclusion? How can you create or contribute to a culture of excellence if the people you count on work remotely? How can an individual make a difference in a world with many headwinds? What does having privilege mean, and why should it be surrendered for the benefit of others? Where do I find trust and a sense of belonging? I am a parent of young children. What education or career do they pursue when AI is stripping away the value and contribution of humans?

I have so many questions about the future of work. I started looking for answers, and a name that came up several times was Dr. Georgette Zinaty. I am glad she agreed to join me on Chatter that Matters. I didn’t hold back; she answered my questions with clarity and passion.

Dr. Georgette Zinaty is a leadership and diversity expert, the author of the book ‘Why Not You’ and the founder of Women Helping Empower Women (WHEW!), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women leaders and promoting diversity. She is also a TED speaker and Forbes contributor.

This week, she started a new role as Chief of Staff at Myant, a disruptive company driving innovation in advanced material science, integrated systems, and advanced manufacturing to empower a future where humans, animals and the planet coexist harmoniously.

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as the learning I garnered from it.

Here are some of the highlights:

My opening – 01:00 Dr. Georgette Zinaty Intro 02:35 Dr. Georgette Zinaty Challenges Tony Chapman. 03:04 Tony asks Georgette – did I give my Niece the right advice? 06:38 Remote Working and Culture: 07:21 We learn about Georgette’s childhood. 10:11 Those kinds of skills don’t expire: 16:51 Importance of Mentorship 19:21 AI and the Importance of Community. 21:43 Does diversity mean your son has to stand down? 25:28 A big idea for all youth – Personal Advisory Board 28:15 What should I do with my privilege? 30:22 We talk about her book: What about you? 32:35 Will AI replace you? 37:59 Gender Gap is widening, why? 47:47 Tony’s Three Takeaways 49:21 Andrea Barrack joins the show. 51:36. Trust is falling in institutions. 53:00 What is our North Star 53:56 Hollowing out the middle class 55:00 What must be done to close the gap? 55:33 Government alone isn’t the solution. 57:00


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