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Dr. Emmanuel Taban – The Boy Who Never Gave Up

After growing up amidst the worst of humanity, Dr. Emmanuel Taban, Africa's Person of the Year, models the best of humanity.

Many of us in developing countries are quick to judge, complain and feel a sense of entitlement. We take our freedom and democracy for granted and expect doors to be opened and opportunities to be gifted. With that in mind, I want to take you to Sudan, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, and to my guest Emmanuel Taban, who had little and lost it all before changing his world, and as it turns out, the world of many for the better.

Listen generously, as his accent differs from yours, but his message is powerful and inspirational and proves that resilience and resolve are what can lift our spirits.

Emmanuel Taban was among five children raised by a single mother in an environment of abject poverty and a country at civil war. A gifted student denied an education, captured, and tortured at age 14, escapes and makes his way, often on foot, thousands of kilometres to South Africa.

Drawing strength from a nurse's comment when he was seven years old that he would one day become a doctor, Emmanuel Taban finished high school in South Africa. Then he spent twelve years earning three medical degrees, including specializing as a pulmonologist. Dr. Taban has become one of Africa's most influential doctors and is renowned for challenging Western norms with his ground-breaking treatment for COVID-19. He is also very involved in improving his continent's literacy level. Dr. Emmanuel Taban is awarded Africa's person of the year.

An epic and moving tale about a boy who never gave up.

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