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Design Matters to Benjamin Saxe

Benjamin Saxe's earliest memory is as a four-year-old boy living in the slums of San Jose in Costa Rica with his drug-addicted Mom, and she often abandons him for weeks at a time.

Benjamin's only focus is survival and doing what he can to keep his Mom alive. Benjamin's dire situation changes one day. The Pauper became the Prince when a wealthy family adopts him.

Benjamin describes himself as a street animal or urchin but one who embarks on a journey of triumph.

Benjamin has an affinity for creativity and math and ends up studying at one of the top architecture schools. He meets Erica, his life partner, reconnects with his Mom, and then moves to England. He works for Richard Rogers, one of the top architectural firms in the world. There Benjamin wins the top award in architecture for designing and building the first home his Mom has not made out of scrap metal.


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