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Deenah Patel - Surviving the Worst of Humanity

Deenah Patel on Chatter That Matters

Deenah Patel has twice joined me on Chatter that Matters to offer advice to help small business owners.

When the microphone was turned off, she opened up about her story of being sexually abused as a child, decades of deeply buried trauma and how it surfaced later in her life as severe physical and mental health issues.

I asked Deenah if she wanted to share her story and journey to reclaiming her life and identity, and she said yes in the hope it will help others. Deenah says to anyone seeking her advice, “You are worth finding the way to be better.”

After listening to the final edit, I can tell you that Deenah's story will help many. Child abuse is the worst of humanity, and it sadly happens far too often. There are also powerful lessons in life for anyone struggling with their identity and self-worth.

1)Everyone is going through something.

2) permit yourself to care for yourself; don't bury it.

3)Express yourself because you are worth it, and you deserve to be the best

4)Learn how to believe in yourself and believe in your beliefs.

5)You are in control of your future.

Thank you, Deenah, for sharing; I will be the first of many who listen to your story to give you a virtual standing ovation.

At speaking of ovations, at the end of my show, Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, joins the show to provide context on overcoming trauma. Amy never disappoints, and her advice is content for all and content that matters.


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