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Nick Taylor - RBC Canadian Open Champion

Discover the Journey of Canadian Open Champion, Nick Taylor

Nick Taylor on Chatter That Matters

This week's episode features Nick Taylor, who captivated the golf world and all of Canada with his thrilling 72-foot eagle putt, making him the first Canadian in 69 years to win the RBC Canadian Open.

Nick takes us on a journey, from his childhood dreams to be a professional golfer, to being ranked the top amateur in the world.

Nick then shares his experiences on the PGA Tour before reflecting on the exhilarating moments of competing and winning the prestigious RBC Canadian Open. We learn many lessons off the course, how a change in mindset was more important than a swing change, and why marrying his wife Andie, and starting a family has allowed him to focus on what matters most.

To bring even more excitement to the episode, we have Mark Zecchino, one of the world's top golf commentators, who followed Nick during the final round. Mark shares his firsthand experience of witnessing Nick's incredible performance and we share Mark's call that was heard around the world.

Mark Soder from RBC discusses the significant role golf plays in Canadian culture and its economy. He highlights RBC's commitment to fostering the sport through initiatives like RBC Junior Golf, which provide children from across Canada with the opportunity to learn about the integrity of the game and then play a round of golf for only $5.00.


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