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Chanda Furney - Resilience Matters

Chanda Furney's perfect world shattered at the crack of dawn by a loud banging at her door.

Up until that moment, Chanda Furney led a charmed life. Chanda was a successful entrepreneur, who owned and operated several businesses, including an award-winning restaurant and she had met the love of her life, Jeff Kompon.

Two years after they met, her fairy tale became a nightmare in her home. A SWAT team stormed her house in an early morning raid, pushing them against the wall with guns at their heads. Jeff Kompon was arrested, charged, and later convicted of running a sophisticated ring attached to Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cocaine cartel. They moved two tonnes of cocaine into Ontario between 2011 and 2014. He received a life sentence. This interview is Chanda's story of her resilience and how she found her way back from a mental state that included Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, feelings of betrayal and doubt, and a heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Chanda says in her book Forever: A love story. A raid. An arrest. Heartache. A Small Town Scandal. And a Journey of Self-Discovery.

' I never considered myself a victim; I was a survivor of a broken heart.'

Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counseling, provides context on what happens when idyllic shatters at the crack of dawn.


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