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 Chatter That Matters: Navigating Canada's Economic Future

John Ruffolo and John Stackhouse on Chatter That Matters

I break the format once a year on our country's birthday.  Instead of sharing a story of someone who overcomes circumstances to chase their dreams and change their world and ours for the better, I talk about what we need to do as a nation to pursue our future-one marked by purpose, passion, pursuit, laddering to prosperity and peace. 

I begin the show with my take on what Canada needs to do to move from borrowing our way to the future and, instead, own it. 

I then have two brilliant people offer their perspective. John Ruffolo and John Stackhouse. 

Here are a few quotes to encourage listenership:

John Ruffolo:  'Canada lacks clarity about its direction and the rush-job approach to budgeting and policy making breeds uncertainty.  He also stresses the crucial role of non-partisan discussions and the engagement of all stakeholders.'

John Stackhouse brings the conversation to the competitive edge Canada must gain to thrive in the global economy: 'Canada faces an alarming productivity challenge, and we must focus on boosting productivity through innovation and technology.'

Tony Chapman:  'We must create a magnetic culture to attract the best and the brightest to stay in Canada and come to Canada. We must shift from a passive and reactive mindset to one brimming with ambition and destiny.'


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