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What Do Our Governments Have Against Restaurants?

The Federal Government kept CERB going and in doing so dramatically shrunk the talent pool available unless you are willing to offer cash.

Yo-Yo policies including Ontario setting a record for lockdowns, and shutting down restaurants before key weekends have created job instability with many hospitality workers permanently leaving the sector entirely.

And now the Ontario government decided it's okay to have a full house to watch the Leafs but restaurants still have restrictions that make the vast majority of them unviable.

Some Food For Thought:

We will see independent and chain restaurants fall like dominos. My reasons why:

  1. If taxpayers stop supporting, governments keep restricting, then these businesses won't be financially viable.

  2. Inflation, especially with food, and transportation is roaring through our economy. When this happens people dramatically pull back on dining out.

  3. If commuters continue to go from their computers to their fridge vs. return to work and all they consume at it, combined with expensive rent is another recipe for failure.

  4. Mainstreet and the city parks are front and center in the Opioid and mental health crisis as more people search for money, and shelter. We need to do more as a society to help these people.

My Thoughts

As consumers, we have to do all we can to support our local restaurants and all the jobs, energy and flair that they bring to our neighbourhoods.

As taxpayers, we must study what CERB did to help people when no jobs were available, and what it did when jobs were available. What percentage of people chose their subsidy over going back to work and is this a lens into what might happen with Universal Income?

Federal taxpayer-funded subsidies that help restaurants with their rent are not sustainable. All levels of government and landlords must all come together to provide relief. As business leaders should we be thinking of bringing more people back to work, more often?

As an industry - better pay and working conditions.

And finally, level the playing field. If you can have a full house of vaccinated fans watching the Leafs play the Canadiens, why can't we have full restaurants?

October is Small Business Month and small gestures go a long way. Think of Amazon as a river, and your Main Street as a must.


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