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Speaker Review / Orie Berlasso

"Since 2008, I have booked Tony Chapman, as my opening keynote speaker. He always over-delivers by customizing his talks for the audience. His recent presentation for the Hotel Association of Canada’s National Conference, “Taking The Air Out of Airbnb”, provided over 400 hotel general managers and hospitality executives with winning business and branding strategies.

I heard all day long what a great presenter Tony was. They described him as “a highlight of the event”, “an excellent kick-off speaker”, “high-energy” and “absolutely fantastic”. To an event producer, who strives to make a lot of people very happy, this is more than music to my ears.

Tony inspired our audience and not only provoked thought but encouraged discussion, debate, and the space for hotel/hospitality executives to formulate new tactics. Thank you for the gift of a fresh perspective Tony- you created some positive change!"

Orie Berlasso Chief Operating Officer SBLR LLP


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