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Sheri Segal Glick - The Hidden Truth of Eating Disorders

Join Sheri Segal Glick as she talks about her memoir, 'The Skinny: My Tumultuous, Hope-Fueled Battle for Anorexia's Defeat.'

Guest Sheri Segal Glick on Chatter That Matters

Sheri's journey unfolds with unflinching honesty as she unmasks the hidden truth of eating disorders.

She takes us to the depths of her addiction, what she did to game the system, her lonely and even life-threatening hospital stays in a mental ward, her obsessive workouts, and most importantly, how she battled for decades but eventually found her way to defeat her disease.

Sheri explores the dangers of chasing false beauty standards when appearances define identities, and the corrosive impact of casual body remarks that Sheri feels manifest into 'death by a thousand cuts.'

What I found a great lesson learned is that positive and negative comments can have the same damaging impact.

The interview isn't dark; if anything, it is surprisingly uplifting due to Sheri's self-deprecating sense of humour and her desire to eradicate the shame surrounding eating disorders and create a future where youth embrace their bodies with unwavering confidence.

I then invited Amy Deacon, the CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, to join the show and offer her perspective and strategies for battling eating disorders.

To purchase Sheri's book: 'The Skinny'


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