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Paolo Tiramani - Housing Matters

Housing affordability is a growing issue affecting millions across Canada. That’s why Boxabl CEO Paolo Tiramani is working with new materials and processes to make safe, livable homes that don’t break the bank. Tune in for an in-depth discussion on the affordable housing crisis, and why Boxabl is tackling this huge problem with an innovative solution.

If you thought a mattress in a box was cool, how about a one-bedroom house with nine-and-a-half-foot ceilings, complete with a fridge, stove, washer and dryer?

What if your home in a box could ship on a standard flatbed, be assembled on-site in a few hours, and add your bed and sofa, and you are ready to live in it?

Did I mention the price tag of $50,000? Paolo Tiramani is an inventor and a billionaire.

Paolo has many patents and was one of the first to add wheels to suitcases and create a moveable workbench. In this episode, we talk about why innovation matters and his bold new venture Boxabl, which he believes will change the lives of billions of people worldwide for the better.

Humanity and Planet Earth face many challenges, but I am optimistic that we can solve many by unleashing innovation that shatters the barriers of our minds and challenges the status quo. Carrie Freestone, an Economist at RBC, rounds out the program by talking about the housing boom that will need to happen in Canada to meet the needs of the immigrants moving here and the rise in single-household homes.

You will find many fantastic lessons for entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors, small business owners, families who work together, and those willing to shatter the status quo. Enjoy!


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