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Olympic Dreams Matter to Penny Oleksiak

I don't know what you were doing at 15, but for me, it was hanging out with my friends. I had dreams and ambitions but they were confined to my world, and not conquering the world.

With the Tokyo Olympics around the corner, I chat with Penny Oleksiak. Penny became the first Canadian to win four medals in the same Summer Olympic Games and Canada's youngest Olympic champion. The irony is that when she was qualifying to represent Canada, she was hoping for an alternative spot on the relay team versus having such success she became Canada's flag bearer for the closing ceremonies.

We chat about how her life changes when fame throws a blinding spotlight onto your every move. Penny opens up about all that comes with being the world's best and the mental and physical preparation required to stay there.

There was a time when Penny wasn't happy with parts of her life. She credits RBC, Bianca Andreescu and Michael Phelps, for being there for her and Michael for giving her a book, The Power of Now, as a means for resetting and reframing her expectations.

Evan MacInnis, Director, Pathway and Performance Programs at Canadian Sport Centre, and RBC Training Ground join the show to provide us with his perspective on what it takes to own the podium.

Is Penny ready for the Tokyo Olympics?

Listen to her passion and conviction, and you be the judge.


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