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Sylvia Earle - Oceans Matter

Sylvia Earle explains why the future of oceans matters. She joins the podcast this week to remind us of our collective power to use technology to change the depressing realities of the climate crisis.

TIME named Sylvia Earle as their first Hero of the Planet, and she has been National Geographic Explorer in Residence since 1998.

Sylvia is called ‘Her Deepness’ and the ‘Sturgeon General ‘by The New Yorker and The New York Times a Living Legend by the Library of Congress and she is a powerful storyteller on my Chatter That Matters Earth Day Edition.

I begin the show by sharing news of my first Grandbaby, Maxwell Jude, and how it has made me wonder what type of planet he will inherit. I then interview Sylvia Earle, and she will open your eyes to why Oceans Matter. She recounts her life of invention and exploration, including her record-setting open-ocean JIM suit dive, untethered to 1250 feet and what she encountered on her walk on the ocean floor.

Sylvia discusses her new book National Geographic Ocean: A Global Odyssey about the power and significance of our planet's ocean from its fundamental importance in shaping our climate to how it supports a multitude of species, including humans.

Dr. Earle sees all of us as “the most important people who have ever lived on earth because technology is now giving us all the power to know, demand change, and to stop treating our oceans as a free grocery store and a garbage dump.

As a bonus feature, I talk about RBC's Tech for Nature, a global, $100 million-dollar multi-year commitment from the RBC Foundation to support new ideas and technologies that address the most complex environmental issues. Over 100 projects are already underway!


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