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Lori Nikkel – Changing Her World, and Ours for the Better

I couldn't be happier with how my International Women's Day Episode turned out, as I want it to be remarkable. My Mother was my rock, my two daughters are my inspiration, my three sisters are my remaining family, and my wife rocks. I am breaking my Friday format and bringing it out today, as this is every women’s day of honour and celebration.

I begin with a personal story that I share not for pity or applause for how far I have come but for context why I chose my guest and why she matters to the tens of millions of North Americans dealing with food insecurity.

Lori Nikkel came from circumstances far more challenging than mine. As a child, Lori was psychologically, physically and sexually abused. Lori left home at age 15 without a high school diploma. In her mid-twenties, with three children in tow, she was abandoned by her partner and woke up to the reality that he had left their apartment rent $10,000 in arrears.

So how did Lori become our country's most admired CEO, top 25 Women of Influence, and Order of Ontario recipient, and sitting on our Food Policy Advisory Council?

She found someone to believe in her, and then she found that within her lay exceptional leadership qualities. Today Lori Nikkel is the CEO of Second Harvest, the largest food rescue organization in the country.

Lori is amazing, and what she offers you is inspiration, lessons and, most importantly, food for thought.

Andrea Barrack, Senior Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and ESG, joins the show to talk about how her mission - 'to work with others to create, amplify, and execute ideas that help organizations build a better world' - led her to RBC. After you listen to Andrea, you will know why I want to do an entire episode on her journey.

To find out more about Second Harvest:


Chatter that Matters is a show that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. I share inspiring stories of people who overcome their circumstances to chase their dreams and, for some, to change our world. I hope the lessons learned will inspire you, and all who matter to you, to get to where you need, want, and deserve to go.

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