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Jesse Jones –The Show Must Go On

Faced with personal challenges and today's realities, how can individuals overcome challenges and strive for personal growth? 

Jesse Jones on Chatter That Matters

I love taping Chatter that Matters in front of a live audience. In this episode, we take Chatter that Matters to Sheridan College, with students, faculty members, alums and industry professionals in attendance. 

My guest is Jesse Jones. Jesse is a change maker, creator, communicator, media personality and connector of worlds, brands and humanity. Jesse and I explore how individuals can overcome personal challenges and today's realities to chase their dreams and change their world, and even ours, for the better.

Jesse is electric. You will not want to pause as he offers many actionable ideas to foster positive transformations in your personal and professional life. Jones highlighted the importance of choice, passion and pursuit. He stressed the need for introspection in today's fast-paced world and the need for increased self-analysis and self-care- the importance of recognizing and attending to our needs. This, Jones explained, acts as the essential recharge for our mental health, creativity and innovation.

I then invite two more guests to contribute to the conversation. Dr. Cherie Werhun is Sheridan's Associate Vice Provost of Human Development and strategic lead for Sheridan's S-Sense Initiative. Dr. Werhun emphasized the need for educators to focus on the whole student, fostering a holistic approach to student development that focuses on the human capacities of agility, resilience, and adaptability.

Jodi Wright, Senior Director, Youth & Young Adult Client Strategy, RBC, joins the show to discuss the role organizations must play to help youth pursue their passions.

I am so happy with how this turned out. You will be inspired, and I encourage you to share this with every young adult and anyone feeling overpowered by circumstances.


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