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Jane Enright - In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye, the unthinkable can happen, an event in your life that cause you to ask - why me?

Jane Enright survives three life-altering and tragic events in the span of a year, including a severe and sudden brain injury that left her almost speechless. This is Jane's story of how she used acceptance to acknowledge her fate and gratitude to reclaim her love of life. Inside these moving stories are powerful lessons on managing grief, stress, loss, stagnation and indecision.

Today, Jane Enright is the author of two books, including her bestseller - Butter Side Up-How I Survived My Most Terrible year and Created my Super Awesome Life.

Brain Awareness Week is March 13-19, 2023. Every three minutes in Canada, someone suffers a brain injury. Add to that our aging population coming to terms with degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer's, Dementia, and ALS.

Wayne Bossert, Deputy Chairman of RBC Wealth and a Director of the Brain Canada Foundation, talks about how Canadian researchers are leading the way to improve brain health.


Chatter that Matters is a show that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. I share inspiring stories of people who overcome their circumstances to chase their dreams and, for some, to change our world. I hope the lessons learned will inspire you, and all who matter to you, to get to where you need, want, and deserve to go.

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