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Robert Mazur - Infiltrating Matters

This week, Robert Mazur, an ex-federal agent who infiltrated the money-laundering, mob-connected network of Pablo Escobar, sits down with Tony Chapman to talk about his high-risk mission.

'I was at my calmest when I was in a room with bad guys'

Robert Mazur is directly responsible for one of the biggest busts against the Pablo Escobar Medellin Cartel in the 1980s. In 2009, he published “The Infiltrator,” a memoir about his two years undercover, and in 2016, the book was made into a film starring Bryan Cranston. Mazur is also the author of The Betrayal, a memoir about his infiltration of the Cali Cartel and underworld figures in Panama.

In this riveting episode of Chatter That Matters, Robert Mazur takes listeners along his high-risk journey of pulling off one of the most extensive undercover operations in history and bringing criminals and a corrupt bank to justice. Robert Mazur successfully infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s Columbian drug cartel by pretending to be Robert Musella, a money-laundering, mob-connected businessman from New Jersey.

Adam Evans, Vice President of Cyber Operations at RBC, joins me to talk about how and why cybercrime is now bigger than all other crimes combined.


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