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Harvesting Matters to Mike Fata

A magical story of turning impossibility into possibility.

At 13, Mike Fata drops out of school to help his Mom, balloons to 300 pounds on a junk food diet and self-pity. At age 18, he says: 'I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.' On his journey to regaining his mental and physical health, Mike Fata discovers Hemp, an excellent source of essential fats. Still, it's a banned crop because of its association with cannabis. He sees this as an opportunity, and after many bureaucratic hurdles, he starts with one farm, one press and one customer at a time. He builds Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Twenty-one years later, he sells the business for over $400 million.

And today, Mike Fata is focused on helping all of us lead healthier lives and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs harvest their ideas. He has a venture with Greg Fleishman called Fata & Fleishman Mentorship.

Ryan Riese, National Director of Agriculture for RBC, joins in announcing a partnership between FCC / FAC, University of Guelph to launch a free e-learning Farm Management Course to support agriculture in Canada.

There is so much to take from Mike Fata's journey of turning Impossibility into possibility.


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