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Dany Assaf - What Makes Canada Special

Imagine, for a moment, that this scenario happened to you. You are Muslim, a proud Canadian, and part of a family that has lived in and contributed to its community and country for generations. Like many other kids, you dream of playing hockey in the NHL.

9/11 happened, and overnight a sign appeared on your neighbour's lawn. "OSAMA BIN LADEN LIVES CLOSER THAN YOU THINK." The sign points to your house.

That moment puts my guest, Dany Assaf, on a lifetime quest to unite Canadians and remind us of who we are and why and what truly matters. Today, Dany is respected globally as one of the world's top competition lawyers, an adjunct professor, and an author.

Dany has just released a remarkable book, Say Please and Thank You & Stand in Line: One man's story of what makes Canada special and how to keep it that way. This is Dany's inspiring and moving story and message, which I hope includes you and me. Alan Depencier, CMO of RBC, joins the show to talk about the episode, and I ask him about the role organizations like RBC can play in supporting all Canadians and their dreams.


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