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Brooke Henderson. She Has Heart and She Has Game

We didn't have a lot of money growing up or a family car, so sports was always pickup.

It didn't shut down my imagination. Even under a streetlight in ball hockey, I was Guy Lafleur scoring the overtime goal or on a field, Joe Theismann throwing the winning pass. We played golf at the back of our high school with a course that included four holes and hours spent looking for balls the victim of errant shots.

I always wondered what it would be to play at the highest level and be one who went from dreaming to doing to contending for the best in the world.

This week on LIFE MATTERS, I chat with Brooke Henderson, who at 23 has won more major tournaments than any other Canadian golfer. Brooke has also won the Founders Award, voted on by her fellow players, as the person who best exemplifies the Game's values. We learn about what motivated her to take up golf, make tough decisions like turning pro or taking a golf scholarship, work within a family's dynamics - her sister is her Caddie, and her Father is her coach, and whether she feels she can continue to pursue her dream to be the best, now that she has fame, fortune and followers.

For anyone who is chasing a dream, a podcast packed with incredible insights from Brooke Henderson, a golfer who has heart and game.


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