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Unaffordable Matters

 If you're a regular listener of Chatter That Matters, you know that I share inspiring stories of people who have overcome difficult circumstances to pursue their dreams.

Tony Chapmam on Chatter That Matters

By doing so, they change not only their own lives but often ours for the better—positivity and the possibility to counteract negativity and the growing sense of impossibility.

Occasionally, I break the format and post a podcast on a Monday about something important to all of us. The idea is to challenge the status quo with innovative ideas that can improve our lives and livelihoods. Today's episode is one of those.

I believe that the affordability of life, combined with a constant onslaught of negative news, has led to a mental health crisis, a breakdown of the values that once united us, and a surge in social anarchy and crime. 

Many live in a nightmare instead of chasing the Canadian Dream, and their only course of action is 'fight or flight'.

Addressing affordability is the only way to change the status quo and the narrative. The question is how there are vastly opposing courses of action.

In this five-minute podcast, I will share my thoughts, ask four essential questions, and then ask if we can afford to wait until 2025 for an election on affordability. 

I am not alone; seventy percent of Canadians feel the same way.

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