Chanda Furney

A perfect life and a beautiful heart shattered at the crack of dawn. Chanda Furney led a charmed life. Chanda was a successful entrepreneur, who owned and operated several businesses, including an award-winning restaurant, in her hometown, and then she met the love of her life, Jeff Kompon. Two years after they met, her fairy tale became a living nightmare in her home. A SWAT team stormed their house in an early morning raid, pushing them against the wall with guns at their heads. Jeff Kompon was arrested, charged and then later convicted of running a sophisticated ring that moved two tonnes of cocaine into Ontario between 2011 and 2014. He received a life sentence. The massive drug-importation network directed by Ontario-based members of the powerful Sinaloa cocaine cartel in Mexico was the most significant importation of cocaine ever prosecuted in Ontario. This interview is Chanda's story of her resilience and how she found her way back from a mental state that included Post-traumatic stress syndrome, feelings of betrayal and doubt, and a heart shattered into a thousand pieces. Chanda says in her book Forever: A love story. A raid. An arrest. Heartache. A Small Town Scandal. And a Journey of Self-Discovery. ' I never considered myself a victim; I was a survivor of a broken heart.' Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, provides context on what happens when idyllic shatters at the crack of dawn.

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